Monday, 2 June 2014


My late maternal granny taught me that the water at noontime on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month has magical properties. She said that if we turn on the tap at noon on the Double Five Day and bathed or washed ourselves with that water, then we will become more beautiful and remain youthful.

This special water is known as 'Dragon Boat Water" or "Noon Water". Somehow, the powers above have blessed the 'Noon Water" with the power to bestow youth and beauty to all those who endeavour to go through the ritual of bathing or washing at this time and on this particular day, that is, the day of the Double Fifth.

Today happens to be the Double Five Day in the lunar calendar. I had delayed getting the Drgaon Water at 12 sharp as I was busy making the eggs stand.  But once I got 7 eggs up at 12.10 p.m., I rushed outside to the porch to wash my face with the water and then fill a container with it.  Very Kiasu!

The water in the container will be stored and used for Mandi Bunga or Floral Baths later in the week. When Aunt May was alive she would use the water to make  'rice powder' or bedak sejuk. She said the rice powder or bedak sejuk made using this water  would make our skin smoother and fairer.

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