Thursday, 26 June 2014


Besides the files, modules for the Professionalism in he Workplace are also taking a lot of my time.  I took the initiative to print the files for myself and my colleagues even though I am not the person in charge of this course.  I was told by the person in charge that he is still waiting for the translated modules but has not received any.  We are going into week 4 of the semester and there is still no sign of the notes.  Besides the printing, collating and stapling, I am translating the first module for my students.  I presume the other lecturers are doing their own translation.  I just couldn't taken on more as I have 18 Resource Centre files to update and other library documents to complete.
Thankfully I have a few helpful students who were willing to help me collate and staple the modules during their recess time.

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