Tuesday, 3 June 2014


 Aeon had a 50% discount on fish that were not so fresh.  I bought a few packs home as I wanted to cook them for the college cats.
 Tada.  Here is the Fish Fried Rice for the cats that I cooked.  I packed them into two containers, enough for dinner and breakfast.
 Off I went to college and passed the fried rice to Encik Roslan, the security guard.  He called the cats and they came a-running. Feeding time.
 Encik Roslan had to divide the food for the cats so that they would not fight over it.
 Yummy. Yummy.  Fried rice.
 The kitties enjoying the food that Teacher Li Na specially cooked for them.

 Seeing how appreciative the cats were, the cook felt contented.  I looked tired here as I was still not over my travel fatigue.  I rode on the bus for 8 hours to reach Malacca on Saturday and had to endure another 6 more hours to reach Manjung on Sunday. Lots of traffic jams and also a few accidents lengthened what usually would be a 5 hour journey from Manjung to Malacca.

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