Sunday, 25 May 2014


 The Sitiawan Pantai Hospital was opened on Monday, 19th May, 2014.  I have been passing the building when it was under construction and told myself that I had to check it out once it was complete.  So on Saturday morning, Lai Yoong and I went for a visit.  She had asked her other friends if they wanted to visit but they told her that it was not good to visit hospitals just for the fun of it. They might end up with bad luck or something like that.  The two of us have no superstitions.  Imagine if by being at such places, one might get bad luck, then the doctors, nurses and other personnel who work at hospitals would be really unlucky people.
 Here I am posing with part of the hospital building behind me.  From information that I found at the entrance, there are 108 licensed beds in this hospital.  But there is only a 60 bed capacity at opening.  There are 16 consultant clinics, with some resident and some visiting specialists.

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