Wednesday, 14 May 2014


My neighbour's dog, Milo, has been missing for about a week already. Last weekend, my aunt Linda, another neighbour Yuli and I went around to help look for her but there was no sign of the pooch. Milo's owner, Inderpreet had gone outstation on Friday and when she came back on Sunday, Milo was no where to be found. It is Milo who usually runs over to my house to welcome me home during the weekends. That was why it was strange that she did not make an appearance when I reached home on Saturday morning. Milo is very dear to me and I am equally as upset as her owners, Inderpreet and Manjeet. Those of you who are living in the Canning Garden or Ipoh Garden area in Ipoh, please be on the lookout for Milo. If you spot her, please let me know. I really miss Milo.

 When Milo was only a few months old

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