Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Best Placement of Mobile Phone, Laptop, Printer, Fax Machines in Feng Shui

Telephones and mobile phones are a very important part of our lives. They are not just communication devices but also a important link with the outside world. With shopping and news till education our mobile phones are very important devices that help us to progress in our life and career.In feng shui phones and fax machine and other equipment are very important and the right placement is suggested for good benefits from these. Every office or home office ahs telephone, printer, fax machine, internet connections and laptops or computers. These being very essential and a part of every household it is important to place them in right area for better results in wealth and business.
In feng shui every object and thing is considered living and has its own energy and aura. Even inanimate objects are considered according to their constituent materials and energy levels. Just like water is used in north so are these electronic equipments and office stationary machines are considered metal.
Being of metal energy these equipments are best placed in the west or north, North West of your home or office. Here you will not only consider this simple rule of feng shui according to the elements. Do consider the use of these equipments in your life. If you are using phone, fax machine, computer and printer for business then the best area would be North West of your home. This will boost the energy of this area and promote good business contacts and prosperity on your field. These telecommunication devices bring you business and whenever the mobile phone rings it is one step closer to bringing new opportunity and business.
Here we consider these as mentors in your life and as the area for helpful friends and mentor luck is North West this area has to be kept clean and charged with metal energy. Having a bunch of metal feng shui coins or feng shui metal painting in this corner will promote good luck and also bring mentor luck into your life. Having balanced this area of your home and office you will get good understanding business partners and customers and also good employers and friends who are supportive in your life both personal and professional.
Keep the North West area clean and organised and you can beautify it with metal round objects. Tables with round edges will not emit negative arrows and will be good for selecting furniture designs. Your table and all latest equipments can be placed in the north or North West corner of your room.


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