Saturday, 19 November 2011


Feng Shui and Road Patterns
A house or apartment on one of the corners of a crossroads is subject to the convergence of chi from several directions and the sharp comers accentuate destructive chi. The house is also affected by the movement of traffic from four directions, particularly when vehicles turning at the crossroads appear to be heading towards the front door. A mirror outside the house will help to deflect the influence of oncoming traffic, while blinds offer added protection.

Houses built on the outside bend of roads or flyovers suffer from the 'scything' effect of the bend. This knife-like effect needs to be controlled.
A mirror or other reflective object can be used to reflect back destructive energy; the mirror's energy will be enhanced if a small sword or spear (or a model of one) is placed above it, pointing towards the road. It will also help the site if there is a curved pathway leading to the building to control the flow of chi as well as ease the effect of negative forces. The front door could be screened with a porch, and a row of bushes or small trees will give added protection.

The chi travelling down the road towards the T-junction becomes too forceful as it meets the intersections and can affect the prosperity of those facing the junction or living at a point between the two junctions. Use reflective objects to protect the site and create a barrier with blinds, shrubs or fencing.

Since there is only one narrow exit from these culs-de-sac, the energy is easily trapped. The residents may find that their finances and general good fortune are being squeezed out; the circular site (left) even resembles a noose. Additional small exits or pathways would help to pre-vent energy becoming trapped and decayed.

The best position for buildings on a gently curving road is within the bend of the road, although those on the outside curves are still in a relatively safe position.

This building is well protected because it is inside the bend of the road and cushioned by the houses closer to the bend. The houses on the outside, which shield it from any negative forces, are said to be 'on top' of the building.


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